Commit 66d30e11 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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TEMPLATE: Fix Start node not manually setting the ignore register

parent 00fce204
......@@ -214,7 +214,11 @@ static ir_node *gen_Start(ir_node *node)
dbg_info *dbgi = get_irn_dbg_info(node);
ir_node *block = get_nodes_block(node);
ir_node *new_block = be_transform_node(block);
return new_bd_TEMPLATE_Start(dbgi, new_block);
ir_node *result = new_bd_TEMPLATE_Start(dbgi, new_block);
/* we have to set ignore registers manually */
arch_set_irn_register_out(result, pn_TEMPLATE_Start_stack,
return result;
static ir_node *gen_Return(ir_node *node)
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