Commit 6750220b authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Transfer debug information to parameter loads.

parent 2947812a
......@@ -5825,12 +5825,12 @@ static void add_parameter_loads(ir_graph *irg, const ia32_cconv_t *cconv)
ir_entity *entity = param->entity;
if (entity == NULL)
ir_type *type = get_entity_type(entity);
ir_mode *mode = get_type_mode(type);
ir_node *member = new_r_Member(start_block, frame, entity);
ir_node *load = new_r_Load(start_block, nomem, member, mode, type,
ir_node *res = new_r_Proj(load, mode, pn_Load_res);
ir_type *const type = get_entity_type(entity);
ir_mode *const mode = get_type_mode(type);
dbg_info *const dbgi = get_irn_dbg_info(proj);
ir_node *const member = new_rd_Member(dbgi, start_block, frame, entity);
ir_node *const load = new_rd_Load(dbgi, start_block, nomem, member, mode, type, cons_none);
ir_node *const res = new_r_Proj(load, mode, pn_Load_res);
exchange(proj, res);
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