Commit 68919a4b authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Access the jump table of a switch PIC-base relative when compiling PIC.

This is the first half for properly supporting switch in PIC.
The entries of the table need to be adapted to PIC, too.
parent c2202b70
......@@ -2939,21 +2939,16 @@ static ir_node *gen_Switch(ir_node *node)
const ir_switch_table *table = get_Switch_table(node);
table = ir_switch_table_duplicate(irg, table);
dbg_info *dbgi = get_irn_dbg_info(node);
ir_node *block = be_transform_nodes_block(node);
unsigned n_outs = get_Switch_n_outs(node);
ir_node *new_node = new_bd_ia32_SwitchJmp(dbgi, block, noreg_GP, new_sel,
n_outs, table);
dbg_info *const dbgi = get_irn_dbg_info(node);
ir_node *const block = be_transform_nodes_block(node);
ir_node *const base = get_global_base(irg);
unsigned const n_outs = get_Switch_n_outs(node);
ir_node *const new_node = new_bd_ia32_SwitchJmp(dbgi, block, base, new_sel, n_outs, table);
set_ia32_am_scale(new_node, 2);
set_ia32_op_type(new_node, ia32_AddrModeS);
set_ia32_ls_mode(new_node, ia32_mode_gp);
SET_IA32_ORIG_NODE(new_node, node);
ia32_attr_t *const attr = get_ia32_attr(new_node);
attr->am_imm = (x86_imm32_t) {
// FIXME This seems wrong. GCC uses PIC for switch on OS X.
.kind = X86_IMM_ADDR,
.entity = entity,
set_am_const_entity(new_node, entity);
return new_node;
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