Commit 6a4a4694 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ir: Remove stale test for Bad in set_r_store().

Each Bad node has a proper mode now.
parent a00c33f6
......@@ -539,10 +539,7 @@ ir_node *get_store(void)
void set_r_store(ir_graph *const irg, ir_node *store)
assert(irg_is_constrained(irg, IR_GRAPH_CONSTRAINT_CONSTRUCTION));
/* Beware: due to dead code elimination, a store might become a Bad node even in
the construction phase. */
assert((get_irn_mode(store) == mode_M || is_Bad(store)) && "storing non-memory node");
assert(get_irn_mode(store) == mode_M && "storing non-memory node");
irg->current_block->attr.block.graph_arr[0] = store;
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