Commit 6ad7f29b authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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irdumptxt: cleanup

parent cf40afb0
......@@ -220,13 +220,13 @@ FIRM_API void dump_loop(FILE *out, ir_loop *loop);
/** Write the graph and all its attributes to the file passed.
* Does not write the nodes. */
FIRM_API void dump_graph_as_text(FILE *out, ir_graph *graph);
FIRM_API void dump_graph_as_text(FILE *out, const ir_graph *graph);
/** Write the entity and all its attributes to the passed file. */
FIRM_API void dump_entity_to_file(FILE *out, ir_entity *entity);
FIRM_API void dump_entity_to_file(FILE *out, const ir_entity *entity);
/** Write the type and all its attributes to the file passed. */
FIRM_API void dump_type_to_file(FILE *out, ir_type *type);
FIRM_API void dump_type_to_file(FILE *out, const ir_type *type);
/** Verbosity for text dumpers */
typedef enum {
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