Commit 6b0ac742 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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- BugFix: Do not optimize dead blocks: They might even be immature when SSA construction was

restartet ...

parent 20992544
......@@ -722,10 +722,16 @@ static ir_op_ops *firm_set_default_computed_value(ir_opcode code, ir_op_ops *ops
static ir_node *equivalent_node_Block(ir_node *n)
ir_node *oldn = n;
int n_preds = get_Block_n_cfgpreds(n);
int n_preds;
/* The Block constructor does not call optimize, but mature_immBlock
calls the optimization. */
/* don't optimize dead blocks */
if (is_Block_dead(n))
return n;
n_preds = get_Block_n_cfgpreds(n);
/* The Block constructor does not call optimize, but mature_immBlock()
calls the optimization. */
/* Straightening: a single entry Block following a single exit Block
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