Commit 6b0d1767 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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proc_cloning: Simplify the generation of the name of the cloned function.

parent 6f0d594f
......@@ -235,20 +235,6 @@ static void collect_irg_calls(ir_node *call, void *env)
process_call(call, callee, hmap);
* Make a name for a clone. The clone name is
* the name of the original method suffixed with "_cl_pos_nr".
* pos is the pos from our quadruplet and nr is a counter.
* @param id The ident of the cloned function.
* @param pos The "pos" from our quadruplet.
* @param nr A counter for the clones.
static ident *get_clone_ident(ident *id, size_t pos, size_t nr)
return new_id_fmt("%s_cl_%zu_%zu", id, pos, nr);
static inline ir_node *get_irn_copy(ir_node *const irn)
return (ir_node*)get_irn_link(irn);
......@@ -425,11 +411,8 @@ static void change_entity_type(const quadruple_t *q, ir_entity *ent)
static ir_entity *clone_method(const quadruple_t *q)
/* A counter for the clones.*/
static size_t nr = 0;
/* We get a new ident for our clone method.*/
ident *const clone_ident = get_clone_ident(get_entity_ident(q->ent), q->pos, nr++);
ident *const clone_ident = id_unique(get_entity_ident(q->ent));
/* We get our entity for the clone method. */
ir_type *const owner = get_entity_owner(q->ent);
ir_entity *const new_entity = clone_entity(q->ent, clone_ident, owner);
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