Commit 6b8d8740 authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Reassociation: Do not modify the graph while walking over it.

This fixes opt/reassoc033.c.
parent 1f3ce499
......@@ -930,10 +930,8 @@ static match_result_t replace_until_other_user(ir_node *node, ir_node *a, ir_nod
* (a ^ b) | f(a, b) -> (a ^ b) | f(a, a)
* ~(a ^ b) | f(a, b) -> ~(a ^ b) | f(a, ~a)
static void walk_equality(ir_node *node, void *env)
static void walk_equality(ir_node *node)
if (!is_And(node) && !is_Or(node)) {
......@@ -2092,15 +2090,22 @@ void optimize_reassociation(ir_graph *irg)
DBG((dbg, LEVEL_5, "Eor equality start...\n"));
irg_walk_edges(get_irg_start_block(irg), walk_equality, NULL, NULL);
pdeq *const wq = new_pdeq();
ir_reserve_resources(irg, IR_RESOURCE_IRN_LINK);
irg_walk_edges(get_irg_start_block(irg), wq_walker, NULL, wq);
while (!pdeq_empty(wq)) {
ir_node *n = (ir_node *)pdeq_getl(wq);
set_irn_link(n, NULL);
DBG((dbg, LEVEL_5, "setsort start...\n"));
pdeq *const wq = new_pdeq();
/* now we have collected enough information, optimize */
ir_reserve_resources(irg, IR_RESOURCE_IRN_LINK);
irg_walk_graph(irg, NULL, wq_walker, wq);
ir_free_resources(irg, IR_RESOURCE_IRN_LINK);
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