Commit 6cdf99e5 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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valueset: Slightly simplify foreach_valueset().

parent 4f25f9ca
......@@ -176,8 +176,6 @@ ir_node *ir_valueset_iterator_next(ir_valueset_iterator_t *iterator, ir_node **e
void ir_valueset_remove_iterator(ir_valueset_t *valueset, ir_valueset_iterator_t *iterator);
#define foreach_valueset(valueset, value, expr, iter) \
for (ir_valueset_iterator_init(&iter, valueset), \
value = ir_valueset_iterator_next(&iter, &expr); \
value != NULL; value = ir_valueset_iterator_next(&iter, &expr))
for (ir_valueset_iterator_init(&iter, valueset); (value = ir_valueset_iterator_next(&iter, &expr));)
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