Commit 6ce434e9 authored by Andreas Seltenreich's avatar Andreas Seltenreich
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iropt: Don't try to optimize Mux D.

parent 070134aa
......@@ -5916,6 +5916,8 @@ static ir_node *transform_Mux_set(ir_node *n)
if (!mode_is_int(mode) && !mode_is_reference(mode))
return n;
dest_mode = get_irn_mode(n);
if (!mode_is_int(dest_mode) && !mode_is_reference(dest_mode))
return n;
right = get_Cmp_right(cond);
relation = get_Cmp_relation(cond) & ~ir_relation_unordered;
if (get_mode_size_bits(mode) >= get_mode_size_bits(dest_mode)
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