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Do not move instructions upwards if there is an output dependency.

The code requires assigned registers but no kept Proj.

This fixes backend/udiv.c on SPARC.
parent 66af020b
...@@ -338,21 +338,30 @@ bool be_can_move_up(ir_heights_t *heights, const ir_node *node, ...@@ -338,21 +338,30 @@ bool be_can_move_up(ir_heights_t *heights, const ir_node *node,
if (heights_reachable_in_block(heights, node, schedpoint)) if (heights_reachable_in_block(heights, node, schedpoint))
return false; return false;
/* node must not overwrite registers used by schedpoint */
int arity = get_irn_arity(schedpoint); int arity = get_irn_arity(schedpoint);
be_foreach_out(node, o) {
const arch_register_t *node_outreg = arch_get_irn_register_out(node, o);
if (node_outreg == NULL)
const arch_register_req_t *node_outreq = arch_get_irn_register_req_out(node, o);
/* node must not overwrite registers used by schedpoint (anti dependency) */
for (int i = 0; i < arity; ++i) { for (int i = 0; i < arity; ++i) {
const arch_register_t *reg const arch_register_t *inreg = arch_get_irn_register_in(schedpoint, i);
= arch_get_irn_register_in(schedpoint, i); if (inreg == NULL)
if (reg == NULL)
continue; continue;
const arch_register_req_t *in_req const arch_register_req_t *inreq = arch_get_irn_register_req_in(schedpoint, i);
= arch_get_irn_register_req_in(schedpoint, i); if (overlapping_regs(node_outreg, node_outreq, inreg, inreq))
be_foreach_out(node, o) { return false;
const arch_register_t *outreg }
= arch_get_irn_register_out(node, o);
const arch_register_req_t *outreq /* schedpoint must not overwrite registers written by node (output dependency) */
= arch_get_irn_register_req_out(node, o); be_foreach_out(schedpoint, o2) {
if (overlapping_regs(outreg, outreq, reg, in_req)) const arch_register_t *outreg = arch_get_irn_register_out(schedpoint, o2);
if (outreg == NULL)
const arch_register_req_t *outreq = arch_get_irn_register_req_out(schedpoint, o2);
if (overlapping_regs(node_outreg, node_outreq, outreg, outreq))
return false; return false;
} }
} }
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