Commit 6effa6d0 authored by Manuel Mohr's avatar Manuel Mohr
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lpp: Issue warning when trying to set bounds for Gurobi.

Gurobi does not support setting lower bounds for minimization problems
(or upper bounds for maximization problems), so issue a warning.
parent 4c873683
......@@ -165,6 +165,17 @@ static void gurobi_solve(gurobi_t *grb)
check_gurobi_error(grb, error);
/* Judging from the CPLEX code, we'd like to set a lower bound for
* minimization problems and an upper bound for maximization problems.
* According to [1], Gurobi does simply not support these combinations
* (although lower/maximization and upper/minimization are okay).
* [1]!topic/gurobi/QkDpAAW7Cvw
if (lpp->set_bound) {
fprintf(stderr, "Warning: Gurobi does not support setting bounds.\n");
/* The MIPGAP parameter determines when we consider a solution optimal.
* To quote the documentation:
* "The MIP solver will terminate (with an optimal result) when the
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