Commit 6f965967 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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ia32: Simplify ia32_register_saved_by().

This resolves a latent bug that the x87 noreg register was classified as caller save.
The local index of the given register was compared to the global index of the x87 noreg.
parent 00d3df18
......@@ -1937,39 +1937,37 @@ static const backend_params *ia32_get_libfirm_params(void)
static int ia32_register_saved_by(const arch_register_t *reg, int callee)
if (callee) {
/* check for callee saved */
if (reg->reg_class == &ia32_reg_classes[CLASS_ia32_gp]) {
switch (reg->index) {
case REG_GP_EBX:
case REG_GP_ESI:
case REG_GP_EDI:
case REG_GP_EBP:
return 1;
return 0;
} else {
/* check for caller saved */
if (reg->reg_class == &ia32_reg_classes[CLASS_ia32_gp]) {
switch (reg->index) {
case REG_GP_EDX:
case REG_GP_ECX:
case REG_GP_EAX:
return 1;
return 0;
} else if (reg->reg_class == &ia32_reg_classes[CLASS_ia32_xmm]) {
/* all XMM registers are caller save */
return reg->index != REG_XMM_NOREG;
} else if (reg->reg_class == &ia32_reg_classes[CLASS_ia32_fp]) {
/* all FP registers are caller save */
return reg->index != REG_FP_NOREG;
switch (reg->global_index) {
case REG_EBX:
case REG_EBP:
case REG_ESI:
case REG_EDI:
return callee;
case REG_EAX:
case REG_ECX:
case REG_EDX:
case REG_ST0:
case REG_ST1:
case REG_ST2:
case REG_ST3:
case REG_ST4:
case REG_ST5:
case REG_ST6:
case REG_ST7:
case REG_XMM0:
case REG_XMM1:
case REG_XMM2:
case REG_XMM3:
case REG_XMM4:
case REG_XMM5:
case REG_XMM6:
case REG_XMM7:
return !callee;
return 0;
return 0;
static const lc_opt_enum_int_items_t gas_items[] = {
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