Commit 704af314 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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ammend to remove #defines

parent 027ca22d
......@@ -1348,13 +1348,6 @@ FIRM_API void set_class_subtype(ir_type *clss, ir_type *subtype, size_t pos);
/** Finds subtype in the list of subtypes and removes it */
FIRM_API void remove_class_subtype(ir_type *clss, ir_type *subtype);
#define add_class_derived_type(clss, drvtype) add_class_subtype(clss, drvtype)
#define get_class_n_derived_types(clss) get_class_n_subtypes(clss)
#define get_class_derived_type(clss, pos) get_class_subtype(clss, pos)
#define get_class_derived_type_index(clss, drvtype) get_class_subtype_index(clss, drvtype)
#define set_class_derived_type(clss, drvtype, pos) set_class_subtype(clss, drvtype, pos)
#define remove_class_derived_type(clss, drvtype) remove_class_subtype(clss, drvtype)
/** Adds supertype as supertype to class.
* Checks whether clss is a subtype of supertype. If not
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