Commit 709f1100 authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Also print number of (possible) RM applications.

parent e307849a
......@@ -270,6 +270,7 @@ static int co_solve_heuristic_pbqp(copy_opt_t *co)
printf("Number of trivial solved nodes: %d\n", pbqp_co.pbqp->num_r0);
printf("Number of R1 reductions : %d\n", pbqp_co.pbqp->num_r1);
printf("Number of R2 reductions : %d\n", pbqp_co.pbqp->num_r2);
printf("Number of RM reductions : %d\n", pbqp_co.pbqp->num_rm);
printf("Number of RN reductions : %d\n", pbqp_co.pbqp->num_rn);
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