Commit 71eb5fea authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Remove the unused parameter const arch_env_t *arch_env from be_spill().

parent 8d8dfd23
......@@ -1031,14 +1031,13 @@ int be_get_IncSP_align(const ir_node *irn)
return a->align;
ir_node *be_spill(const arch_env_t *arch_env, ir_node *block, ir_node *irn)
ir_node *be_spill(ir_node *block, ir_node *irn)
ir_graph *irg = get_irn_irg(block);
ir_node *frame = get_irg_frame(irg);
const arch_register_class_t *cls = arch_get_irn_reg_class(irn, -1);
const arch_register_class_t *cls_frame = arch_get_irn_reg_class(frame, -1);
ir_node *spill;
(void)arch_env; // TODO remove parameter
spill = be_new_Spill(cls, cls_frame, irg, block, frame, irn);
return spill;
......@@ -369,12 +369,11 @@ ir_node *be_Barrier_append_node(ir_node *barrier, ir_node *node);
* Make a spill node.
* @param arch_env The architecture environment.
* @param irn The node to be spilled.
* @param spill_ctx The context in which the spill is introduced (This is mostly == irn up to the case of Phis).
* @return The new spill node.
ir_node *be_spill(const arch_env_t *arch_env, ir_node *block, ir_node *irn);
ir_node *be_spill(ir_node *block, ir_node *irn);
* Make a reload and insert it into the schedule.
......@@ -446,7 +446,7 @@ static void spill_irn(spill_env_t *env, spill_info_t *spillinfo)
after = skip_keeps_phis(after);
spill->spill = be_spill(env->arch_env, block, to_spill);
spill->spill = be_spill(block, to_spill);
sched_add_after(after, spill->spill);
DB((dbg, LEVEL_1, "\t%+F after %+F\n", spill->spill, after));
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