Commit 730f8a65 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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tr: Remove if from set_type_size(), which would lead to a silent failure in release mode.

Now we get a nice crash.
parent 8927bacd
......@@ -268,11 +268,7 @@ void set_type_visibility(ir_type *tp, ir_visibility v)
void set_type_size_bytes(ir_type *tp, unsigned size)
const tp_op *tpop = get_type_tpop(tp);
if (tpop->ops.set_type_size)
tpop->ops.set_type_size(tp, size);
assert(0 && "Cannot set size for this type");
tpop->ops.set_type_size(tp, size);
unsigned get_type_alignment_bytes(ir_type *tp)
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