Commit 745df986 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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restructured to allow easier debug

parent 18eaed10
......@@ -532,18 +532,15 @@ int is_overwritten_by(entity *high, entity *low) {
/** Need two routines because I want to assert the result. */
static entity *resolve_ent_polymorphy2 (ir_type *dynamic_class, entity *static_ent) {
int i, n_overwrittenby;
entity *res = NULL;
if (get_entity_owner(static_ent) == dynamic_class) return static_ent;
n_overwrittenby = get_entity_n_overwrittenby(static_ent);
for (i = 0; i < n_overwrittenby; ++i) {
res = resolve_ent_polymorphy2(dynamic_class, get_entity_overwrittenby(static_ent, i));
if (res)
entity *ent = get_entity_overwrittenby(static_ent, i);
if (get_entity_owner(ent) == dynamic_class) return ent;
return res;
return NULL;
/* Resolve polymorphy in the inheritance relation.
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