Commit 78a6f037 authored by Andreas Zwinkau's avatar Andreas Zwinkau
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Fix backend/lower_call2.c

Similiar to 9d207c0 the call lowering should always use the current
entity type, instead of the associate type, which may or may not be
a lowered type.
parent 42deb58b
......@@ -1687,13 +1687,7 @@ static void lower_Call(ir_node *node, ir_mode *mode, lower_env_t *env)
long *res_numbers = NULL;
(void) mode;
if (is_lowered_type(tp)) {
call_tp = get_associated_type(tp);
} else {
call_tp = tp;
assert(! is_lowered_type(call_tp));
call_tp = tp;
n_params = get_method_n_params(call_tp);
for (p = 0; p < n_params; ++p) {
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