Commit 7bc40f54 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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introduce Bitcast node

parent e16d407f
......@@ -795,6 +795,23 @@ static int verify_node_Conv(const ir_node *n)
return fine;
static int verify_node_Bitcast(const ir_node *n)
bool fine = check_mode_func(n, mode_is_data, "data");
ir_node *op = get_Bitcast_op(n);
ir_mode *src_mode = get_irn_mode(op);
ir_mode *dst_mode = get_irn_mode(n);
/* Note: This constraint is currently strict as you can use Conv
* for the other cases and we want to avoid having 2 nodes representing the
* same operation. We might loosen this constraint in the future. */
if (get_mode_size_bits(src_mode) != get_mode_size_bits(dst_mode)
|| get_mode_arithmetic(src_mode) == get_mode_arithmetic(dst_mode)) {
warn(n, "bitcast only allowed for modes with same size and different arithmetic");
fine = false;
return fine;
static int mode_is_dataMb(const ir_mode *mode)
return mode_is_data(mode) || mode == mode_M || mode == mode_b;
......@@ -1253,6 +1270,7 @@ void ir_register_verify_node_ops(void)
register_verify_node_func(op_Align, verify_node_int);
register_verify_node_func(op_Alloc, verify_node_Alloc);
register_verify_node_func(op_And, verify_node_And);
register_verify_node_func(op_Bitcast, verify_node_Bitcast);
register_verify_node_func(op_Block, verify_node_Block);
register_verify_node_func(op_Call, verify_node_Call);
register_verify_node_func(op_Cmp, verify_node_Cmp);
......@@ -391,6 +391,16 @@ class Conv:
("op", "operand")
class Bitcast:
"""Converts a value between modes with different arithmetics but same
number of bits by reinterpreting the bits in the new mode"""
flags = []
pinned = "no"
ins = [
("op", "operand")
class CopyB:
"""Copies a block of memory with statically known size/type."""
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