Commit 7cfefaae authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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call optimize_cf() to delete dead-code that might arise after cond_eval

parent b6bbfaeb
...@@ -696,14 +696,19 @@ void opt_cond_eval(ir_graph* irg) ...@@ -696,14 +696,19 @@ void opt_cond_eval(ir_graph* irg)
changed |= rerun; changed |= rerun;
} while (rerun); } while (rerun);
if (changed) { if (changed) {
/* control flow changed, some blocks may become dead */ /* control flow changed, some blocks may become dead */
set_irg_outs_inconsistent(irg); set_irg_outs_inconsistent(irg);
set_irg_doms_inconsistent(irg); set_irg_doms_inconsistent(irg);
set_irg_extblk_inconsistent(irg); set_irg_extblk_inconsistent(irg);
set_irg_loopinfo_inconsistent(irg); set_irg_loopinfo_inconsistent(irg);
/* Dead code might be created. Optimize it away as it is dangerous
* to call optimize_df() an dead code. */
} }
} }
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