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update amd64 TODO file

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amd64 backend TODO:
- Handle Alloc nodes (used by alloca and C99 VLA). See ia32/sparc backend on
how to do this.
- SSE Division is not commutative and we have no neg-add style workaround like
for the Sub node. So maybe we need finally need a must_be_same constraint.
- stdarg.h/varargs va_start
- compound return calling convention
- Implement more builtins (libgcc lacks several of them that gcc provides
natively on amd64 so cparser/libfirm when linking to the compilerlib fallback)
- Builtins not implemented: clz, ctz, ffs, parity, popcount
- Bitcast not implemented
- Thread local storage not implemented
- support for setjmp
- Support ASM node
- fail on long double
- (Support 80bit long double with x87 instructions)
- (Implement Position Independent Code (PIC))
......@@ -36,3 +39,4 @@ Improve Quality:
attributes, this allows us to think of them as associative operations and
for example swap inputs to enable load folding, or immediates.
- Lea needs to support all address modes (base, index +shifts, symconsts)
- Match RCPxx SSE instruction
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