Commit 7dca40b3 authored by Andreas Seltenreich's avatar Andreas Seltenreich
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vrp: Fix range computation for Sub nodes.

parent bb8b8660
......@@ -153,8 +153,8 @@ static int vrp_update_node(ir_vrp_info *info, ir_node *node)
&& vrp_right->range_type == VRP_RANGE) {
tarval_int_overflow_mode_t rem = tarval_get_integer_overflow_mode();
ir_tarval *new_top = tarval_sub(vrp_left->range_top, vrp_right->range_top, NULL);
ir_tarval *new_bottom = tarval_sub(vrp_left->range_bottom, vrp_right->range_bottom, NULL);
ir_tarval *new_top = tarval_sub(vrp_left->range_top, vrp_right->range_bottom, NULL);
ir_tarval *new_bottom = tarval_sub(vrp_left->range_bottom, vrp_right->range_top, NULL);
if (new_top != tarval_bad && new_bottom != tarval_bad) {
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