Commit 7e0f6b33 authored by Andreas Zwinkau's avatar Andreas Zwinkau
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Better fix for opt/ldst.c

This avoids a Load without ProjM, instead of handling this case.

Reverts the previous commit.
parent 99253d30
......@@ -709,8 +709,7 @@ static void handle_load_update(ir_node *load)
ir_node *mem = get_Load_mem(load);
/* a Load whose value is neither used nor exception checked, remove it */
if (info->projs[pn_Load_M])
exchange(info->projs[pn_Load_M], mem);
exchange(info->projs[pn_Load_M], mem);
if (info->projs[pn_Load_X_regular])
exchange(info->projs[pn_Load_X_regular], new_r_Jmp(get_nodes_block(load)));
......@@ -1927,7 +1926,12 @@ static void move_loads_out_of_loops(scc *pscc, loop_env *env)
ninfo = get_ldst_info(irn, phase_obst(&env->ph));
ninfo->projs[pn_Load_M] = mem = new_r_Proj(irn, mode_M, pn_Load_M);
set_Phi_pred(phi, pos, mem);
if (res == NULL) {
/* irn is from cache, so do not set phi pred again.
* There might be other Loads between phi and irn already.
set_Phi_pred(phi, pos, mem);
ninfo->projs[pn_Load_res] = new_r_Proj(irn, load_mode, pn_Load_res);
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