Commit 7e92c3d1 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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ia32: fix bemit_switchjmp, remove now unused get_ia32_switch_table()

parent bb1e3f1e
......@@ -2710,13 +2710,12 @@ static void bemit_ia32_jcc(const ir_node *node)
static void bemit_switchjmp(const ir_node *node)
ir_entity *jump_table = get_ia32_am_ent(node);
const ir_switch_table *table = get_ia32_switch_table(node);
bemit8(0xFF); // jmp *tbl.label(,%in,4)
bemit_mod_am(0x05, node);
be_emit_jump_table(node, table, jump_table, emit_jumptable_target);
ia32_switch_attr_t const *const attr = get_ia32_switch_attr_const(node);
be_emit_jump_table(node, attr->table, attr->table_entity,
static void bemit_return(const ir_node *node)
......@@ -573,12 +573,6 @@ unsigned get_ia32_latency(const ir_node *node)
return op_attr->latency;
const ir_switch_table *get_ia32_switch_table(const ir_node *node)
const ia32_switch_attr_t *attr = get_ia32_switch_attr_const(node);
return attr->table;
x86_condition_code_t get_ia32_condcode(const ir_node *node)
const ia32_condcode_attr_t *attr = get_ia32_condcode_attr_const(node);
......@@ -215,8 +215,6 @@ x86_condition_code_t get_ia32_condcode(const ir_node *node);
void set_ia32_condcode(ir_node *node, x86_condition_code_t code);
const ir_switch_table *get_ia32_switch_table(const ir_node *node);
unsigned get_ia32_copyb_size(const ir_node *node);
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