Commit 8228e120 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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remove unused be_add_remat function

parent 58f208f3
......@@ -232,29 +232,6 @@ void be_add_spill(spill_env_t *env, ir_node *to_spill, ir_node *after)
spill_info->spills = spill;
void be_add_remat(spill_env_t *env, ir_node *to_spill, ir_node *before,
ir_node *rematted_node)
spill_info_t *spill_info;
reloader_t *reloader;
spill_info = get_spillinfo(env, to_spill);
/* add the remat information */
reloader = OALLOC(&env->obst, reloader_t);
reloader->next = spill_info->reloaders;
reloader->reloader = before;
reloader->rematted_node = rematted_node;
reloader->remat_cost_delta = 0; /* We will never have a cost win over a
reload since we're not even allowed to
create a reload */
spill_info->reloaders = reloader;
DBG((dbg, LEVEL_1, "creating spillinfo for %+F, will be rematerialized before %+F\n",
to_spill, before));
void be_add_reload2(spill_env_t *env, ir_node *to_spill, ir_node *before,
ir_node *can_spill_after, const arch_register_class_t *reload_cls,
int allow_remat)
......@@ -92,12 +92,6 @@ void be_add_reload_on_edge(spill_env_t *senv, ir_node *to_spill, ir_node *bl,
int pos, const arch_register_class_t *reload_cls,
int allow_remat);
* Analog to be_add_reload but adds an already created rematerialized node.
void be_add_remat(spill_env_t *env, ir_node *to_spill, ir_node *before,
ir_node *rematted_node);
* The main function that places real spills/reloads (or rematerializes values)
* for all values where be_add_reload was called. It then rebuilds the
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