Commit 872aa5eb authored by Martin Haaß's avatar Martin Haaß Committed by Matthias Braun
Browse files postgres support added

parent d21131b4
......@@ -164,8 +164,84 @@ class EmitSqlite3(EmitBase):
def commit(self):
# Abstraction for postgres databases and sql syntax
class EmitPostgres(EmitBase):
def execute(self, query, *args):
# print(query + " %s\n" % str(tuple(args)))
self.cursor.execute(query, *args)
def __init__(self, options, ctxcols, evcols):
import psycopg2
if options.database == None:
print("Have to specify database (file-)name for postgres")
if not options.update:
if os.path.isfile(options.database):
self.conn = psycopg2.connect(database=options.database, user=options.user, password=options.password,
self.cursor = self.conn.cursor()
self.types["data"] = "double precision"
self.types["text"] = "varchar"
self.types["bool"] = "bool"
self.ctxtab = options.prefix + "ctx"
self.evtab = options.prefix + "ev"
self.create_table(ctxcols, self.ctxtab, "text", "serial unique primary key")
self.create_table(evcols, self.evtab, "data", "integer")
self.execute("select * from information_schema.table_constraints where constraint_name='ev_foreign_key'")
if self.cursor.fetchone() == None:
self.execute("ALTER table %s add constraint ev_foreign_key FOREIGN KEY (id) REFERENCES %s(id);" % (self.evtab, self.ctxtab,))
keys = "id, " + ", ".join(map(lambda col: "\"%s\"" % col, evcols)) #escape column names
marks = ",".join(["%s"] * (len(evcols)+1))
self.evinsert = "insert into %s values (%s)" % (self.evtab, marks)
keys = ", ".join(map(lambda col: "\"%s\"" % col, ctxcols)) # escape column names
marks = ",".join(["%s"] * len(ctxcols))
self.ctxinsert = "insert into %s (%s) values (%s) returning id" % (self.ctxtab, keys, marks)
self.contextids = dict()
def create_table(self, cols, name, defaulttype, keytype, extra=""):
c = "create table if not exists %s (id %s" % (name, keytype)
for x in cols:
name = x
type = self.types[defaulttype]
if x[0] == '$':
name = x[1:]
type = self.types["text"]
elif x[0] == '?':
name = x[1:]
type = self.types["bool"]
c += ", \"%s\" %s" % (name, type)
c += " %s" % extra
c += ");"
def ev(self, curr_id, evitems):
self.execute(self.evinsert, (curr_id,) + tuple(evitems))
def ctx(self, ctxitems):
items = tuple(ctxitems)
if self.contextids.has_key(items):
return self.contextids[items]
self.execute(self.ctxinsert, items)
ctxid = self.cursor.fetchone()[0]
#lastrow does not work in postgres
self.contextids[items] = ctxid
return ctxid
def commit(self):
class Conv:
engines = { 'sqlite3': EmitSqlite3, 'mysql': EmitMysql }
engines = { 'sqlite3': EmitSqlite3, 'mysql': EmitMysql, 'postgres' : EmitPostgres }
# Pass that determines event and context types
def find_heads(self):
......@@ -331,7 +407,7 @@ class Conv:
parser.add_option("-h", "--host", dest="host", help="host", metavar="HOST")
parser.add_option("-p", "--password", dest="password", help="password", metavar="PASSWORD")
parser.add_option("-D", "--database", dest="database", help="database", metavar="DB")
parser.add_option("-e", "--engine", dest="engine", help="engine (sqlite3, mysql)", metavar="ENG", default='sqlite3')
parser.add_option("-e", "--engine", dest="engine", help="engine %s" % self.engines.keys(), metavar="ENG", default='sqlite3')
parser.add_option("-P", "--prefix", dest="prefix", help="table prefix", metavar="PREFIX", default='')
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
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