Commit 8927bacd authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Combo: Ensure split by partition for Phi nodes.

This fixes opt/combo3.c and opt/combo4.c.
parent f1fe820b
......@@ -2851,6 +2851,17 @@ static void propagate(environment_t *env)
/* x will make the follower -> leader transition */
/* In case of a follower -> leader transition of a Phi node
* we have to ensure that the current partition will be split
* by lambda n.(n[i].partition).
* This split may already happened before when some predecessors
* of the Phi's Block are unreachable. Thus, we have to put the
* current partition in the worklist to repeat the check.
if (is_Phi(x->node) && ! x->part->on_worklist)
add_to_worklist(x->part, env);
/* compute a new type for x */
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