Commit 8a907f80 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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- Bugfix: Barrier nodes have an effect like a Keep for unused inputs. So we

  have to construct explicit Keep nodes when killing barriers.
  This should fix the no-omit-frame-pointer missing IncSP problems.

parent 0dd5de4e
......@@ -256,16 +256,24 @@ static void kill_node_and_preds(ir_node *node)
* Walk through the block schedule and skip all barrier nodes.
static void skip_barrier(ir_node *ret_blk, ir_graph *irg)
static void skip_barrier(ir_node *block, ir_graph *irg)
ir_node *irn;
sched_foreach_reverse(ret_blk, irn) {
sched_foreach_reverse(block, irn) {
int arity;
unsigned *used;
unsigned n_used;
const ir_edge_t *edge, *next;
if (!be_is_Barrier(irn))
/* track which outputs are actually used, as we have to create
* keep nodes for unused outputs */
arity = get_irn_arity(irn);
rbitset_alloca(used, arity);
foreach_out_edge_safe(irn, edge, next) {
ir_node *proj = get_edge_src_irn(edge);
int pn;
......@@ -277,10 +285,32 @@ static void skip_barrier(ir_node *ret_blk, ir_graph *irg)
pn = (int) get_Proj_proj(proj);
pred = get_irn_n(irn, pn);
rbitset_set(used, pn);
edges_reroute_kind(proj, pred, EDGE_KIND_NORMAL, irg);
edges_reroute_kind(proj, pred, EDGE_KIND_DEP, irg);
/* the barrier also had the effect of a Keep for unused inputs.
* we now have to create an explicit Keep for them */
n_used = rbitset_popcount(used, arity);
if (n_used < (unsigned) arity) {
int n_in = arity - (int) n_used;
ir_node **in = ALLOCAN(ir_node*, n_in);
int i = 0;
int n = 0;
ir_node *keep;
for (i = 0; i < arity; ++i) {
if (rbitset_is_set(used, i))
assert(n < n_in);
in[n++] = get_irn_n(irn, i);
keep = be_new_Keep(get_nodes_block(irn), n_in, in);
sched_add_before(irn, keep);
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