Commit 8aca3338 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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beloopana: Remove duplicate comments.

parent 288e850c
......@@ -151,10 +151,6 @@ be_loopana_t *be_new_loop_pressure(ir_graph *const irg, arch_register_class_t co
return loop_ana;
* Returns the computed register pressure for the given class and loop.
* @return The pressure or INT_MAX if not found
unsigned be_get_loop_pressure(be_loopana_t *loop_ana, const arch_register_class_t *cls, ir_loop *loop)
unsigned pressure = INT_MAX;
......@@ -174,9 +170,6 @@ unsigned be_get_loop_pressure(be_loopana_t *loop_ana, const arch_register_class_
return pressure;
* Frees the loop analysis object.
void be_free_loop_pressure(be_loopana_t *loop_ana)
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