Commit 8d2aba71 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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Unknown values should not CSE

parent 934754c2
......@@ -437,12 +437,11 @@ static int node_cmp_attr_ASM(const ir_node *a, const ir_node *b)
return node_cmp_exception(a, b);
/** Compares the inexistent attributes of two Dummy nodes. */
static int node_cmp_attr_Dummy(const ir_node *a, const ir_node *b)
/** Use this for nodes that should not CSE. */
static int node_cmp_attr_unequal(const ir_node *a, const ir_node *b)
(void) a;
(void) b;
/* Dummy nodes never equal by definition */
return 1;
......@@ -599,9 +598,9 @@ void firm_init_op(void)
set_op_cmp_attr(op_ASM, node_cmp_attr_ASM);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Address, node_cmp_attr_entconst);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Align, node_cmp_attr_typeconst);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_ASM, node_cmp_attr_ASM);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Alloc, node_cmp_attr_Alloc);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Builtin, node_cmp_attr_Builtin);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Call, node_cmp_attr_Call);
......@@ -610,7 +609,7 @@ void firm_init_op(void)
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Const, node_cmp_attr_Const);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_CopyB, node_cmp_attr_CopyB);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Div, node_cmp_attr_Div);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Dummy, node_cmp_attr_Dummy);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Dummy, node_cmp_attr_unequal);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Load, node_cmp_attr_Load);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Mod, node_cmp_attr_Mod);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Offset, node_cmp_attr_entconst);
......@@ -619,6 +618,7 @@ void firm_init_op(void)
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Sel, node_cmp_attr_Sel);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Size, node_cmp_attr_typeconst);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Store, node_cmp_attr_Store);
set_op_cmp_attr(op_Unknown, node_cmp_attr_unequal);
set_op_hash(op_Address, hash_entconst);
set_op_hash(op_Align, hash_typeconst);
......@@ -850,7 +850,11 @@ class Tuple:
class Unknown:
"""Returns an unknown (at compile- and runtime) value. It is a valid
optimization to replace an Unknown by any other constant value."""
optimization to replace an Unknown by any other constant value.
Be carefull when optimising Unknown values, you cannot simply replace
Unknown+x or Unknown<x with a new Unknown node if there are multiple
users of the original unknown node!"""
knownBlock = True
pinned = "yes"
block = "get_irg_start_block(irg)"
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