Commit 8e3e1d5f authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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Alternative fix for const functions with aggregate return

They really are const before lowering. So only mark the function
as non-const after lowering

This reverts commit 72c631f3.
parent cf7a9efa
......@@ -98,6 +98,7 @@ static ir_type *lower_mtp(compound_call_lowering_flags flags, ir_type *mtp)
size_t nn_ress;
size_t nn_params;
size_t i;
mtp_additional_properties mtp_properties;
if (!is_Method_type(mtp))
return mtp;
......@@ -159,10 +160,14 @@ static ir_type *lower_mtp(compound_call_lowering_flags flags, ir_type *mtp)
set_method_variadicity(lowered, get_method_variadicity(mtp));
/* associate the lowered type with the original one for easier access */
set_method_calling_convention(lowered, get_method_calling_convention(mtp) | cc_compound_ret);
set_method_additional_properties(lowered, get_method_additional_properties(mtp));
mtp_properties = get_method_additional_properties(mtp);
/* after lowering the call is not const anymore, since it writes to the
* memory for the return value passed to it */
mtp_properties &= ~mtp_property_const;
set_method_additional_properties(lowered, mtp_properties);
/* associate the lowered type with the original one for easier access */
set_lowered_type(mtp, lowered);
pmap_insert(lowered_mtps, mtp, lowered);
......@@ -486,9 +491,14 @@ static void add_hidden_param(ir_graph *irg, size_t n_com, ir_node **ins,
n = (ir_node*)get_irn_link(p);
ins[idx] = get_CopyB_dst(p);
mem = get_CopyB_mem(p);
blk = get_nodes_block(p);
/* use the memory output of the call and not the input of the CopyB
* otherwise stuff breaks if the call was mtp_property_const, because
* then the copyb skips the call. But after lowering the call is not
* const anymore, and its memory has to be used */
mem = new_r_Proj(entry->call, mode_M, pn_Call_M);
/* get rid of the CopyB */
turn_into_tuple(p, pn_CopyB_max+1);
set_Tuple_pred(p, pn_CopyB_M, mem);
......@@ -71,23 +71,6 @@ static unsigned *busy_set;
#define mtp_temporary mtp_property_inherited
static bool has_compound_return_type(ir_node *node)
ir_type *mtp = get_Call_type(node);
size_t n_res = get_method_n_ress(mtp);
size_t i;
for (i = 0; i < n_res; ++i) {
ir_type *rtp = get_method_res_type(mtp, i);
if (is_compound_type(rtp)) {
return true;
return false;
* Walker: Collect all calls to const and pure functions
* to lists. Collect all Proj(Call) nodes into a Proj list.
......@@ -105,16 +88,6 @@ static void collect_const_and_pure_calls(ir_node *node, void *env)
/* set the link to NULL for all non-const/pure calls */
set_irn_link(call, NULL);
/* If the backend's calling convention handles compound return types
* via a hidden pointer argument, it is incorrect to regard this
* call as a call to a const/pure function.
* TODO: This might be overly conservative if the backend uses
* a different calling convention, e.g., for small structs. */
if (has_compound_return_type(node)) {
ptr = get_Call_ptr(call);
if (is_Global(ptr)) {
ent = get_Global_entity(ptr);
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