Commit 8eb9312b authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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fixed obstack initialization, removed unused variable

parent cf2036b1
......@@ -1630,9 +1630,6 @@ void inline_leave_functions(int maxsize, int leavesize, int size, int ignore_run
current_ir_graph = rem;
static char v;
static void *VISITED = &v;
* Calculate the parameter weights for transmitting the address of a local variable.
......@@ -1808,14 +1805,13 @@ void inline_functions(int inline_threshold) {
wenv_t wenv;
call_entry *entry, *tail;
const call_entry *centry;
struct obstack obst;
pmap *copied_graphs;
pmap_entry *pm_entry;
DEBUG_ONLY(firm_dbg_module_t *dbg;)
FIRM_DBG_REGISTER(dbg, "firm.opt.inline");
rem = current_ir_graph;
/* a map for the copied graphs, used to inline recursive calls */
copied_graphs = pmap_create();
......@@ -1982,6 +1978,6 @@ void inline_functions(int inline_threshold) {
obstack_free(&obst, NULL);
obstack_free(&temp_obst, NULL);
current_ir_graph = rem;
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