Commit 907e1217 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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add some consts to beirg functions

parent 82ef3b16
......@@ -14,17 +14,17 @@
typedef struct _be_irg_t be_irg_t;
ir_graph *be_get_ir_graph(be_irg_t *birg);
ir_graph *be_get_birg_irg(const be_irg_t *birg);
void be_assure_liveness(be_irg_t *birg);
void be_invalidate_liveness(be_irg_t *birg);
be_lv_t *be_get_birg_liveness(be_irg_t *birg);
be_lv_t *be_get_birg_liveness(const be_irg_t *birg);
void be_assure_dom_front(be_irg_t *birg);
void be_invalidate_dom_front(be_irg_t *birg);
be_dom_front_info_t *be_get_birg_dom_front(be_irg_t *birg);
be_dom_front_info_t *be_get_birg_dom_front(const be_irg_t *birg);
ir_exec_freq *be_get_birg_exec_freq(be_irg_t *birg);
ir_exec_freq *be_get_birg_exec_freq(const be_irg_t *birg);
* frees all memory allocated by birg structures (liveness, dom_front, ...).
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