Commit 90e4d921 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Move a set_ia32_commutative() into the branch where it belongs.

The ftst from the other branch cannot be commutative (it only has 1 operand).
parent f213b91e
......@@ -2877,10 +2877,9 @@ static ir_node *create_Fucom(ir_node *node)
} else {
new_right = be_transform_node(right);
new_node = new_bd_ia32_vFucomFnstsw(dbgi, new_block, new_left, new_right, 0);
SET_IA32_ORIG_NODE(new_node, node);
new_node = new_bd_ia32_Sahf(dbgi, new_block, new_node);
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