Commit 9260589a authored by Raphael von der Grün's avatar Raphael von der Grün Committed by yb9976
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Remove duplicated code block

parent 0ac74914
...@@ -378,13 +378,7 @@ static void analyze_method_params_weight(ir_entity *ent) ...@@ -378,13 +378,7 @@ static void analyze_method_params_weight(ir_entity *ent)
unsigned get_method_param_weight(ir_entity *ent, size_t pos) unsigned get_method_param_weight(ir_entity *ent, size_t pos)
{ {
if (ent->attr.mtd_attr.param_weight) { if (!ent->attr.mtd_attr.param_weight)
if (pos < ARR_LEN(ent->attr.mtd_attr.param_weight))
return ent->attr.mtd_attr.param_weight[pos];
return null_weight;
analyze_method_params_weight(ent); analyze_method_params_weight(ent);
if (pos < ARR_LEN(ent->attr.mtd_attr.param_weight)) if (pos < ARR_LEN(ent->attr.mtd_attr.param_weight))
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