Commit 943eb501 authored by Michael Beck's avatar Michael Beck
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- Fixed doxygen comment

parent 146262bf
......@@ -109,16 +109,8 @@ void arch_dep_init(arch_dep_params_factory_t factory);
void arch_dep_set_opts(arch_dep_opts_t opts);
* Replace Muls with Shifts and Add/Subs.
* This function is driven by the 3 parameters:
* - also_use_subs
* - maximum_shifts
* - highest_shift_amount
* If irn is a Mul with a Const, the constant is inspected if it meets the
* requirements of the three variables stated above. If a Shl/Add/Sub
* sequence can be generated that meets these requirements, this expression
* is returned. In each other case irn is returned unmodified.
* Replace Muls with Lea/Shifts/Add/Subs if these
* have smaller costs than the original multiplication.
* @param irn The Firm node to inspect.
* @return A replacement expression for irn.
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