Commit 954e858b authored by sebastian.buchwald1's avatar sebastian.buchwald1
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Fixed types.

parent ecadb91d
......@@ -766,8 +766,8 @@ static void ir_prepare_softfloat_lowering(void)
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_d_f, type_D, type_F);
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_d_is, type_D, type_Is);
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_d_iu, type_D, type_Iu);
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_d_ls, type_D, type_Is);
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_d_lu, type_D, type_Iu);
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_d_ls, type_D, type_Ls);
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_d_lu, type_D, type_Lu);
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_f_d, type_F, type_D);
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_f_is, type_F, type_Is);
make_unop_type(&unop_tp_f_iu, type_F, type_Iu);
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