Commit 95730716 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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remove confusing, unused and broken function

parent 2ec2984b
......@@ -188,9 +188,6 @@ FIRM_API void edges_init_dbg(int do_dbg);
FIRM_API ir_graph_pass_t *irg_verify_edges_pass(const char *name,
unsigned assert_on_problem);
FIRM_API const ir_edge_t *get_irn_edge(ir_graph *irg, const ir_node *src,
int pos);
#define edges_reroute(old, nw, irg) edges_reroute_kind(old, nw, EDGE_KIND_NORMAL, irg)
#define edges_activated(irg) (edges_activated_kind(irg, EDGE_KIND_NORMAL) && edges_activated_kind(irg, EDGE_KIND_BLOCK))
......@@ -249,18 +249,6 @@ const ir_edge_t *get_irn_edge_kind(ir_graph *irg, const ir_node *src, int pos, i
return NULL;
* Get the edge object of an outgoing edge at a node.
* Looks for an edge for all kinds.
const ir_edge_t *get_irn_edge(ir_graph *irg, const ir_node *src, int pos)
const ir_edge_t *edge;
if ((edge = get_irn_edge_kind(irg, src, pos, EDGE_KIND_NORMAL)) == NULL)
edge = get_irn_edge_kind(irg, src, pos, EDGE_KIND_BLOCK);
* Change the out count
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