Commit 97720773 authored by yb9976's avatar yb9976
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Do not assure dominance at this place.

Dominance is computed explicitly later.
parent e440f836
...@@ -167,8 +167,7 @@ void optimize_graph_df(ir_graph *irg) ...@@ -167,8 +167,7 @@ void optimize_graph_df(ir_graph *irg)
} }
new_identities(irg); new_identities(irg);
assure_irg_properties(irg, IR_GRAPH_PROPERTY_CONSISTENT_OUT_EDGES assure_irg_properties(irg, IR_GRAPH_PROPERTY_CONSISTENT_OUT_EDGES);
ir_reserve_resources(irg, IR_RESOURCE_IRN_LINK); ir_reserve_resources(irg, IR_RESOURCE_IRN_LINK);
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