Commit 9777242d authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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bescripts: Set be_emit_nothing() as emitter, if the emitter string of a node is empty.

parent 4f6cfa64
......@@ -48,7 +48,6 @@ my $target_h = $target_dir."/gen_".$arch."_emitter.h";
# stacks for output
my @obst_func; # stack for the emit functions
my @obst_register; # stack for emitter register code
my $line;
foreach my $op (keys(%nodes)) {
......@@ -57,19 +56,14 @@ foreach my $op (keys(%nodes)) {
# skip this node description if no emit information is available
next if (!defined($n{"emit"}));
$line = "static void emit_${arch}_${op}(const ir_node *node)";
push(@obst_register, "\tbe_set_emitter(op_${arch}_${op}, emit_${arch}_${op});\n");
if($n{"emit"} eq "") {
push(@obst_func, $line."\n");
push(@obst_func, "{\n");
push(@obst_func, "\t(void) node;\n");
push(@obst_func, "}\n\n");
if ($n{"emit"} eq "") {
push(@obst_register, "\tbe_set_emitter(op_${arch}_${op}, be_emit_nothing);\n");
push(@obst_func, $line."\n");
push(@obst_register, "\tbe_set_emitter(op_${arch}_${op}, emit_${arch}_${op});\n");
push(@obst_func, "static void emit_${arch}_${op}(const ir_node *node)\n");
push(@obst_func, "{\n");
my @emit = split(/\n/, $n{"emit"});
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