Commit 98a86cf0 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Just pass the name as char const* to register_node_reader() and let the...

Just pass the name as char const* to register_node_reader() and let the function construct the ident.
parent cfe914f5
......@@ -2123,9 +2123,10 @@ static ir_node *read_Anchor(read_env_t *env)
typedef ir_node* read_node_func(read_env_t *env);
static pmap *node_readers;
static void register_node_reader(ident *ident, read_node_func* func)
static void register_node_reader(char const *const name, read_node_func *const func)
pmap_insert(node_readers, ident, (void*)func);
ident *const id = new_id_from_str(name);
pmap_insert(node_readers, id, (void*)func);
static ir_node *read_node(read_env_t *env)
......@@ -2149,11 +2150,11 @@ static void readers_init(void)
assert(node_readers == NULL);
node_readers = pmap_create();
register_node_reader(new_id_from_str("Anchor"), read_Anchor);
register_node_reader(new_id_from_str("ASM"), read_ASM);
register_node_reader(new_id_from_str("Block"), read_Block);
register_node_reader(new_id_from_str("BlockL"), read_labeled_Block);
register_node_reader(new_id_from_str("Phi"), read_Phi);
register_node_reader("Anchor", read_Anchor);
register_node_reader("ASM", read_ASM);
register_node_reader("Block", read_Block);
register_node_reader("BlockL", read_labeled_Block);
register_node_reader("Phi", read_Phi);
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ static void write_{{}}(write_env_t *env, const ir_node *node)
static void register_generated_node_readers(void)
{%- for node in nodes|notset('customSerializer') %}
register_node_reader(new_id_from_str("{{}}"), read_{{}});
register_node_reader("{{}}", read_{{}});
{%- endfor %}
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