Commit 9f3ed241 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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sparc: to avoid trouble, move all nodes before sparc_Restore

parent 7747a6e6
......@@ -233,6 +233,30 @@ static void peephole_sparc_FrameAddr(ir_node *node)
(void) node;
static void finish_be_Return(ir_node *node)
ir_node *schedpoint = node;
ir_node *restore;
/* see that there is no code between Return and restore, if there is move
* it in front of the restore */
while (true) {
if (!sched_has_prev(schedpoint))
schedpoint = sched_prev(schedpoint);
if (is_sparc_Restore(schedpoint) || is_sparc_RestoreZero(schedpoint))
restore = schedpoint;
schedpoint = sched_prev(node);
/* move all code between return and restore up */
while (schedpoint != restore) {
ir_node *next_schedpoint = sched_prev(schedpoint);
sched_add_before(restore, schedpoint);
schedpoint = next_schedpoint;
static void register_peephole_optimisation(ir_op *op, peephole_opt_func func)
assert(op->ops.generic == NULL);
......@@ -248,11 +272,12 @@ void sparc_finish(ir_graph *irg)
register_peephole_optimisation(op_be_IncSP, finish_be_IncSP);
register_peephole_optimisation(op_sparc_Save, finish_sparc_Save);
register_peephole_optimisation(op_be_Return, finish_be_Return);
register_peephole_optimisation(op_sparc_FrameAddr, finish_sparc_FrameAddr);
register_peephole_optimisation(op_sparc_Ld, finish_sparc_LdSt);
register_peephole_optimisation(op_sparc_St, finish_sparc_LdSt);
register_peephole_optimisation(op_sparc_Ldf, finish_sparc_LdSt);
register_peephole_optimisation(op_sparc_Save, finish_sparc_Save);
register_peephole_optimisation(op_sparc_St, finish_sparc_LdSt);
register_peephole_optimisation(op_sparc_Stf, finish_sparc_LdSt);
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