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added some comments, don't make backedges fallthrough (we still could do...

added some comments, don't make backedges fallthrough (we still could do better by choosing a good loop header/backedges, but this seems to be better than nothing)

parent 2a96ae68
......@@ -23,6 +23,16 @@
* @author Matthias Braun, Christoph Mallon
* @date 27.09.2006
* @version $Id$
* The goals of the greedy (and ILP) algorithm here works by assuming that
* we want to change as many jumps to fallthroughs as possible (executed jumps
* actually, we have to look at the execution frequencies). The algorithms
* do this by collecting execution frequencies of all branches (which is easily
* possible when all critical edges are split) then removes critical edges where
* possible as we don't need and want them anymore now. The algorithms then try
* to change as many edges to fallthroughs as possible, this is done by setting
* a next and prev pointers on blocks. The greedy algorithm sorts the edges by
* execution frequencies and tries to transform them to fallthroughs in this order
#include "config.h"
......@@ -134,12 +144,13 @@ static void collect_egde_frequency(ir_node *block, void *data)
entry->prev = NULL;
set_irn_link(block, entry);
if (block == get_irg_start_block(env->irg))
arity = get_Block_n_cfgpreds(block);
if (arity == 1) {
if (arity == 0) {
assert(block == get_irg_start_block(env->irg));
/* must be the start block, nothing to do here */
} else if (arity == 1) {
edge.block = block;
edge.pos = 0;
edge.execfreq = get_block_execfreq(env->execfreqs, block);
......@@ -223,6 +234,7 @@ static void coalesce_blocks(blocksched_env_t *env)
for (i = 0; i < edge_count; ++i) {
const edge_t *edge = &env->edges[i];
ir_node *block = edge->block;
int pos = edge->pos;
ir_node *pred_block;
blocksched_entry_t *entry, *pred_entry;
......@@ -230,7 +242,11 @@ static void coalesce_blocks(blocksched_env_t *env)
if (is_Bad(get_Block_cfgpred(block, 0)))
pred_block = get_Block_cfgpred_block(block, edge->pos);
/* we can't fallthroughs in backedges */
if (is_backedge(block, edge->pos))
pred_block = get_Block_cfgpred_block(block, pos);
entry = get_irn_link(block);
pred_entry = get_irn_link(pred_block);
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