Commit a48ce44b authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Implement binary emitter for fdivr.

parent ce470efc
......@@ -3356,6 +3356,11 @@ static void bemit_fdivp(const ir_node *node)
bemit_fbinopp(node, 0xF8);
static void bemit_fdivr(const ir_node *node)
bemit_fbinop(node, 7, 6);
static void bemit_fdivrp(const ir_node *node)
bemit_fbinopp(node, 0xF0);
......@@ -3721,6 +3726,7 @@ static void ia32_register_binary_emitters(void)
register_emitter(op_ia32_fchs, bemit_fchs);
register_emitter(op_ia32_fdiv, bemit_fdiv);
register_emitter(op_ia32_fdivp, bemit_fdivp);
register_emitter(op_ia32_fdivr, bemit_fdivr);
register_emitter(op_ia32_fdivrp, bemit_fdivrp);
register_emitter(op_ia32_fild, bemit_fild);
register_emitter(op_ia32_fist, bemit_fist);
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