Commit a68dfa0a authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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Fix possible loop in DAG while building start Barrier.

parent c601d487
......@@ -1729,6 +1729,10 @@ static void modify_irg(be_abi_irg_t *env)
DBG((dbg, LEVEL_1, "introducing abi on %+F\n", irg));
/* Must fetch memory here, otherwise the start Barrier gets the wrong
* memory, which leads to loops in the DAG. */
old_mem = get_irg_initial_mem(irg);
/* set the links of all frame entities to NULL, we use it
to detect if an entity is already linked in the value_param_list */
tp = get_method_value_param_type(method_type);
......@@ -1856,7 +1860,6 @@ static void modify_irg(be_abi_irg_t *env)
obstack_free(&env->obst, rm);
/* create a new initial memory proj */
old_mem = get_irg_initial_mem(irg);
new_mem_proj = new_r_Proj(irg, get_nodes_block(old_mem),
new_r_Unknown(irg, mode_T), mode_M,
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