Commit a7cd5534 authored by Christoph Mallon's avatar Christoph Mallon
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irdump: Remove the parameter bad from get_mode_name_ex().

All callers pass in a null pointer.
parent 1b4cac34
......@@ -295,12 +295,10 @@ int ir_should_dump(const char *name)
/* -------------- some extended helper functions ----------------- */
const char *get_mode_name_ex(const ir_mode *mode, int *bad)
char const *get_mode_name_ex(ir_mode const *const mode)
if (is_mode(mode))
return get_mode_name(mode);
if (bad != NULL)
*bad |= 1;
return "<ERROR>";
......@@ -762,7 +760,7 @@ void dump_node_opcode(FILE *F, const ir_node *n)
case iro_Load:
if (get_Load_unaligned(n) == align_non_aligned)
fprintf(F, "ua");
fprintf(F, "%s[%s]", get_irn_opname(n), get_mode_name_ex(get_Load_mode(n), NULL));
fprintf(F, "%s[%s]", get_irn_opname(n), get_mode_name_ex(get_Load_mode(n)));
case iro_Store:
if (get_Store_unaligned(n) == align_non_aligned)
......@@ -781,10 +779,10 @@ void dump_node_opcode(FILE *F, const ir_node *n)
fprintf(F, "%s", get_irn_opname(n));
if (get_Div_no_remainder(n))
fprintf(F, "RL");
fprintf(F, "[%s]", get_mode_name_ex(get_Div_resmode(n), NULL));
fprintf(F, "[%s]", get_mode_name_ex(get_Div_resmode(n)));
case iro_Mod:
fprintf(F, "%s[%s]", get_irn_opname(n), get_mode_name_ex(get_Mod_resmode(n), NULL));
fprintf(F, "%s[%s]", get_irn_opname(n), get_mode_name_ex(get_Mod_resmode(n)));
case iro_Builtin:
fprintf(F, "%s[%s]", get_irn_opname(n), get_builtin_kind_name(get_Builtin_kind(n)));
......@@ -828,7 +826,7 @@ static void dump_node_mode(FILE *F, const ir_node *n)
if (mode != NULL && mode != mode_BB && mode != mode_ANY && mode != mode_BAD &&
(mode != mode_T || iro == iro_Proj))
fprintf(F, "%s", get_mode_name_ex(mode, NULL));
fprintf(F, "%s", get_mode_name_ex(mode));
......@@ -39,9 +39,8 @@ const char *get_ent_dump_name(const ir_entity *ent);
* returns the name of a mode or "<ERROR>" if mode is NOT a mode object.
* in the later case, sets bad.
const char *get_mode_name_ex(const ir_mode *mode, int *bad);
char const *get_mode_name_ex(ir_mode const *mode);
/** dump the name of a node n to the File F. */
void dump_node_opcode(FILE *out, const ir_node *n);
......@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ void dump_irnode_to_file(FILE *F, const ir_node *n)
} break;
case iro_Load:
fprintf(F, " mode of loaded value: %s\n", get_mode_name_ex(get_Load_mode(n), NULL));
fprintf(F, " mode of loaded value: %s\n", get_mode_name_ex(get_Load_mode(n)));
fprintf(F, " volatility: %s\n", get_volatility_name(get_Load_volatility(n)));
fprintf(F, " align: %s\n", get_align_name(get_Load_unaligned(n)));
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