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improve documentation on mode_b

parent 110872ba
......@@ -228,7 +228,15 @@ FIRM_API ir_mode *mode_P_data; /**< A pointer mode that is set by the client of
represents the pointer size of the target machine data addresses. Is initialized
to mode_P. */
FIRM_API ir_mode *mode_b; /**< internal boolean */
* This mode represents (parts of) the processor status flag queried in
* conditional jumps or predicated code.
* Do not confuse this with boolean variables found in some languages. You
* cannot perform any operations like And, Or, Not, Phi, etc. on mode_b
* values (although some of these constructs can be legalized by lower_mode_b().
FIRM_API ir_mode *mode_b;
FIRM_API ir_mode *mode_X; /**< execution */
FIRM_API ir_mode *mode_BB; /**< block */
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