Commit a7f24109 authored by Matthias Braun's avatar Matthias Braun
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add some unittests for sc_print, sc_val_from_long, sc_val_to_long

parent 4917877b
......@@ -22,6 +22,21 @@ static bool equal(const sc_word *v0, const sc_word *v1)
return memcmp(v0, v1, len) == 0;
static bool streq(const char *str0, const char *str1)
return strcmp(str0, str1) == 0;
static void test_conv_print(long v, enum base_t base, const char *expected)
sc_word *temp = XMALLOCN(sc_word, buflen);
sc_val_from_long(v, temp);
char buf[128];
const char *p = sc_print_buf(buf, sizeof(buf), temp, precision, base, false);
assert(streq(p, expected));
assert(sc_val_to_long(temp) == v);
typedef void (*binop)(const sc_word *v0, const sc_word *v1, sc_word *dest);
static void check_commutativity(const sc_word *val0, const sc_word *val1,
......@@ -281,7 +296,18 @@ int main(void)
sc_print(all_one, precision, SC_HEX, false);
/* test printing/conversion */
test_conv_print(1, SC_hex, "1");
test_conv_print(1, SC_HEX, "1");
test_conv_print(1, SC_DEC, "1");
test_conv_print(1, SC_OCT, "1");
test_conv_print(1, SC_BIN, "1");
test_conv_print(0xcafebabe, SC_hex, "cafebabe");
test_conv_print(0xcafebabe, SC_HEX, "CAFEBABE");
test_conv_print(0xcafebabe, SC_DEC, "3405691582");
test_conv_print(0xcafebabe, SC_OCT, "31277535276");
test_conv_print(0xcafebabe, SC_BIN, "11001010111111101011101010111110");
return 0;
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