Commit a8265566 authored by Jonas Fietz's avatar Jonas Fietz
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Fix documentation for init_irg_phase

parent 00daa36f
......@@ -106,9 +106,9 @@ ir_phase *phase_init(ir_phase *ph, const char *name, ir_graph *irg, unsigned gro
* The returned phase object will be inserted in the phase slot of the @p irg designated by the phase ID (@p id).
* Note that you cannot allocate phases with an ID <code>PHASE_NOT_IRG_MANAGED</code>.
* @param ph The memory of the phase to initialize.
* @param irg The irg.
* @param id The ID of the irg-managed phase (see irphaselist.h).
* @param size The size of the phase
* @param data_init The node data initialization function.
* @return The allocated phase object.
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